Phil Crawshay Fine Art, Large Format, Luxury Photography - Pacific Northwest
DALLAS, Texas (Aug. 11, 2015) - Phil Crawshay has spent years studying and perfecting the art and science of large-scale panoramic fine art photography in high definition quality and is one of few photographers in the world who has mastered its precision, patience, and technology. This well-traveled American artist with a British accent has recently named Dallas home and opened Crawshay Gallery on the prestigious Dragon Street in the Dallas Design District.

From the wet streets of London to mystical red rock canyons of Arizona to the dramatic skylines of cities from Dallas to Las Vegas, Crawshay has been able to capture the moment and space with clarity, intimacy, and appreciation. In his new Dallas gallery, guests will find a panorama of Crawshay's work, which, in addition to large-format landscape and cityscape prints, also includes abstracts and stills.

Describing Crawshay’s art is challenging, as it has not received a classification or category yet. Some call it HD photography while others call it panoramic photography, yet neither term epitomizes the powerfulness of the artwork. Each image is photographed in exceptionally high resolution, giving Crawshay the ability to enlarge the images with no degradation in quality. Then, each piece is printed on a reflective metallic paper utilizing a technique known as face mounting, giving the images a unique glow and a quality that can be described as almost three-dimensional. Exquisitely framed or mounted onto thick, highly polished pieces of acrylic, Crawshay's work has a depth of color and clarity that seems to make the world come alive for fans of his fine art photography.

"It takes many painstaking days to come up with the finished piece, as literally every square inch of the image is checked and rechecked for clarity and detail," said Crawshay, who stands in an elite group of gallery owners on Dragon Street who actually showcase their own art.

Many prints are 24” x 60” or larger, and all can be custom-sized, providing versatility for the home or office. Each authentic Phil Crawshay piece is scrupulously hand-crafted by the artist himself through the entire production and mounting process and is numbered and signed.  

Born in Miami, Crawshay spent his childhood growing up in the U.K. under the watchful and loving eyes of his father, an international banker. With a background in computer graphics, 3D computer animation, video production, and print-based design, it was Crawshay’s entrepreneurial spirit that led him to Texas 36 years later. He continues to travel, accompanied by wife Christine and their little dog Lexi, exploring the greatness nature and man has built and capturing the memory through a lens to showcase in his Crawshay Gallery.

He said, “Dallas, boasting of internationally-renowned galleries, museums, performing arts and theater, is a city with uncompromised taste and appreciation for the arts and culture. I am thrilled to now be a part of the Dallas culture on a daily basis, meeting others with similar interests, and sharing my passion and livelihood.”

Crawshay Gallery, featuring the large-scale panoramic fine art photography of owner Phil Crawshay, is located at 1110 Dragon Street, Dallas, TX 75207. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Appointments are recommended by calling 512.981.9405. For more information, visit

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