Caring for and Lighting your Large Format Crawshay Gallery Photograph

Art Lighting People often think that there is an array of very specialist lighting in the gallery that makes the pieces look as good as they do..and that this would be impossible to recreate at home. This is of course completely untrue as all that we use here is a combination of MR16 and Par 30 standard LED bulbs. The one thing that I do like to do is obtain a bulb with as small a beam angle as possible...8 degrees if possible as this will allow you to shine in on aspects of the photograph without introducing light bleed outside the picture and frame. This technique gives a real self illuminated look which can be stunning in the right environment. When it comes to bulb choice, I only use LED because of the amount of bulbs we have running in here which causes too much heat and plus I never have to change them out. Best bulb color temperature for photographs is around 3000k for LED or standard halogen bulbs. In conclusion, art will always look better with a dedicated light, however, placed in the correct position, ambient light can make the piece look just as good.

Of course, as part of our service, we are happy to consult with you on your lighting concerns.

Novus Plastic Cleaner
All plastics are vulnerable to scratches therefore always take extra special care when unpacking, moving and hanging your piece. When cleaning, NEVER use harsh, abrasive cleaners...only use a specific plastic cleaner such as NOVUS1 (available from Amazon). Additionally use ONLY a microfiber cloth as anything else could cause swirl marks and tiny scratches.

REPAIRS We are able to carry out repairs if you have scratched your piece, however, it is near on impossible to completely remove the damage. In most circumstances, the best we can do is make the damage look much less noticeable.

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