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18W LED Framing Projector - Precision Shapeable Art Lighting

Shapeable Frmaing Spotlight for Art 18W Led Framing Projector

Unlock the full potential of your large-format photography, especially acrylic-mounted pieces with our Framing Projector. Designed to enhance the luminosity and detail of artwork, this versatile lighting fixture offers unmatched control over light direction and intensity. Crafted with precision-engineered internal shutters, our Framing Projector allows you to shape and mold the light, highlighting the intricate details of your artwork while minimizing unwanted spill and glare. Elevate your art display to new heights and captivate viewers with stunning visuals, particularly ideal for acrylic-mounted photography, where the light can accentuate the piece's glowing appearance, creating an immersive viewing experience that draws attention to every detail.

Illuminate just the art and not the wall with this framing projector
Using a framing projector only illuminates the artwork itself giving a glowing three-dimensional look which is especially effective with acrylic mounted, large format photography.

Precision art spotlight
Showcasing your large format artwork using a framing projector elevates the piece to another level.

Framing Projector Specifications

Specification Details
Color Temperature 3000K
Wattage 18W
Body Color White
Lumens ≥ 1080LM
Track Type Halo / HT / 3 Wire
Input Voltage 110V
Dimming Yes (110V Triac Dim)
Framing Projectors are also known as: Profile Spot, Ellipsoidal, Leko, Focussing Spot


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