stunning large format fine art photography face mounted to acrylic

Reverse Mounting to Acrylic (Face Mounting) - The Ultimate Look

stunning large format fine art photography
All our photographs are reverse mounted to acrylic using an optically clear adhesive that is bonded to a fine art metallic paper. The end result is absolutely stunning, giving an almost self glowing, three dimensional appearance that will be a sure conversation starter wherever it is displayed. Additionally, there are several other advantages of this process:

UV Protection and Hermetic Sealing

stunning, face mounted large format fine art photography
When it comes to preserving the longevity and vibrancy of your printed images, back mounting them to acrylic offers unparalleled advantages. Acrylic acts as a protective barrier against harmful UV rays, preventing fading, discoloration, and damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. This hermetic sealing not only safeguards your artwork but also adds a layer of permanence, ensuring that your prints remain as vivid as the day they were created for years to come.

Unique Sheen with Fine Art Metallic Paper

The choice of paper plays a pivotal role in the overall aesthetic of your prints. By using fine art metallic paper, you can infuse your images with a captivating and distinctive sheen. This premium paper type enhances the vibrancy and depth of colors, resulting in an image that pops with brilliance and sophistication. The combination of metallic paper and acrylic back mounting creates a visual synergy that elevates your artwork to a level of unparalleled elegance.

No Light Leakage for a 3D Appearance

One of the most remarkable benefits of back mounting prints to acrylic is the elimination of light leakage. Traditional framing methods can often allow ambient light to seep in from the sides, detracting from the visual impact of your artwork. With acrylic back mounting, your prints are sealed in a way that prevents any light from escaping, which in turn contributes to an almost self-glowing 3D appearance. The colors and details in your images appear more vivid, creating a captivating sense of depth that draws viewers in and makes your art truly come to life.

Additional Benefits

large format photograph back mounted to acrylic

(Metallic fine art print back mounted to acrylic)
Durability: Acrylic is highly resistant to scratches, moisture, and physical damage, ensuring your prints are well-protected.

Enhanced Clarity: Acrylic's optical properties enhance the clarity and sharpness of your images, making every detail stand out.

Contemporary Aesthetic: The sleek and modern look of acrylic complements a wide range of artistic styles and interior design themes.

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