Ultra high definition fine art gigapixel photography so detailed and immersive, it's like you are there  

Crawshay Gallery of Large Format Photography

Jewelry for the Wall ™

Based in the heart of the Design District in Dallas, TX, The Crawshay Gallery is a very unique gallery displaying the awe inspiring work of international landscape photographer, Phil Crawshay. Photographs of immense resolution and detail are beautifully presented and uniquely mounted direct to acrylic to give them an almost glowing three dimensional appearance. It really is like you have a window into another world.

Each of the stunning images has been taken using a gigapixel imaging system which is a robotic, computer controlled camera mount that takes pictures in a sectional format that is joined together to make one extremely large image. The result is exeptional detail and clarity that no other camera could ever match.

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Mesa Arch by Phil Crawshay Gallery Dallas Texas 'Spirit Rising'
Canyon Lands by Phil Crawshay Gallery Dallas Texas Desolate Beauty

Hand crafted and custom sized to fit your environment

Face Mounting, Production and framing
Every piece is hand crafted here at the gallery workshop and is available in standard or custom sizes to completely suit the space you have in mind.

Want to see what it looks like in your home before you purchase?
No problem. Just send us a picture of your intended space and we will mock up the piece in various framing styles best suited to your environment. We can also many different pieces in the same space to help you make up your mind.

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The Crawshay Art Gallery, Design District, Dallas, TX

Extremely Large Format Photography

For commercial or residential installations
The Crawshay Art Gallery, Design District, Dallas, TX


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